Meet the Trenders

Whatever your background is, at Trend Micro, you matter. We go the extra mile to unlock your potential and help you go beyond the ordinary.

Stretched, not stressed. Maximized, not just utilized. Burning brightly, not burning out.

At Trend Micro, we believe in the power of doing and being good. Trenders are heroes in their own right. There is an abundance of them in the workplace, and they inspire and motivate tenured and newcomers alike. We share the stories of these extraordinary Trenders who have successfully overcome personal and professional struggles in their journey to become experts in the industry.

Joahnna Marie Hipolito
Team Lead, Technical Marketing
Loves weightlifting and animals

JM has been with Trend Micro for since 2007, right after she graduated from college. From being an assistant technical writer, she has worked her way up and is now one of the leads in the technical marketing team. She believes that the only way to earn respect and work in harmony with different colleagues is to treat them the way she wants to be treated.

JM considers her work for the company’s Security Intelligence Blog and being part of the team that established it as Trend Micro's primary channel for technical reports as the biggest accomplishments of her career.

Vera Geroda
Information Service Engineer
Loves playing video games, emo rock music, and bonding with family

Vera joined the company in 2015 as an engineer for the Global Service Desk. She wanted to work instantly after graduation so she could help her parents raise her younger siblings.

But like any other newbie, she struggled to function at her job because she was clueless about the ins and outs of the industry. Later on, she realized that her obstacle came from not stretching her character – she was too introverted to seek out help from others.

She kept going anyway, because of the unfailing support and inspiration she gets from her family. Later on, she found a way to use the quietness of her personality to her advantage. When colleagues and mentors started to give her advice, she just listened and took everything constructively. She moved up ranks and is now an information service engineer who develops internal applications for Trend Micro.

Jamz Yaneza
Threat Research Manager, Trend Micro North America
Loves photography, sci-fi books, and cooking

Jamz Yaneza wanted to be a software developer, but he started his career as a reverse engineer—the exact opposite of what he wanted. Little did he know that this will pave way for greater career growth for him not just locally but globally.

Jamz is now a Threat Research Manager based in Trend Micro North America. “I’ve moved across our overseas offices at least three times as a result of my various job functions. I now call Texas home,” Jamz shared.

Being collaborative allows a Pinoy Trender to thrive anywhere. “Be open to opportunities that present themselves. Be willing to innovate who you are and what you do. Share your knowledge and experiences as it helps improve the herd,” Jamz said.

Manuel Gatbunton
Senior Threat Research Engineer, Trend Micro, Taiwan
Enjoys basketball, online games, and playing the guitar

Exact money for fare, a copy of his resume, and the hope of landing a job--that’s all Manuel Gatbunton had when he went for his first interview with Trend Micro.

Manuel, or more fondly known as Gat was first accepted as a Threat Engineer in Trend Micro. “I hesitated to apply at first because I graduated with only average grades,” he admitted. But his willingness to learn plus his wit and fun personality allowed him to grow and expand his career. Currently, Gat is a Senior Threat Researcher based in Trend Micro, Taiwan.

Expanding his network and meeting people with similar interest as himself are the things that he loves most about working in a different country. In fact, he plays weekly basketball games with the Trend Micro Taiwan basketball team.

“I love playing basketball and I have fun with the game, so I often bring that attitude to everything I do in life. It's important to enjoy what you do,” Gat shared.

Vincent Daraliay
Program Manager
Loves rock and roll music and homeschooling his two kids

Bobbits originally wanted to be a journalist. However, after getting his degree, his curiosity about IT led him to Trend Micro. It was difficult at first because the work was alien to him. But he was determined. “I learned everything from scratch,” Bobbits said, “I’m still learning and discovering new and interesting things. That never stops at Trend.”

Fifteen years later, he is now a program manager leading a team of engineers in maintaining the organization’s application control and file integrity monitoring services, which are additional layers of security essential in protecting customers from threats and malicious activities.

Portia Gantioque and Juven Edillor
Senior Operations Manager and Technical Manager
Both love shopping and spending time with their daughter

Portia joined Trend Micro in 2001. Juven joined six years later. They found love and got married in 2015. The two are now managers of their respective teams. Portia’s group delivers security consulting services while Juven’s maintains systems reliability for customer-related services.

“Our roles are completely different,” explains Juven, but says that working in the same company has only helped both their professional and personal lives. “She understands my challenges.”

“It’s nice to have a different perspective on things na hindi ko pa na-e-encounter,”(It’s nice to have a different perspective on things that I have yet to encounter) says Portia, noting how they cover each other’s blind spots. “We give each other sound advice.”

Kevin Mark Bautista
Senior Systems Engineer
Loves cosplay, pop culture, and volunteer work

A self-confessed class clown and a reserve duty boy scout, Kevin tested his optimism and sense of responsibility in Trend Micro. Even though he wasn’t confident in his abilities when he initially started out as a cloud support engineer, he didn’t let that discourage him.

“May mga mahihirap talaga na case,” (There are cases that are really hard to deal with) he says, “But I look at things on the bright side. You need to be more considerate, and provide the best support to our customers.”

Now a senior enterprise systems engineer, his positivity has only grown. He takes pride in being able to contribute in making the world a safer place, even in his own little ways.

Jeffrey Bernardino
Threat and Technology Research Manager
Loves reading thrillers, travelling, and bonding with his son

Jeffrey considers being a role model to his son as one fulfilling job. Although making a three-year-old boy do the right things is hard, Jeffrey managed to adjust easily. That’s because before being a father, he already dealt with his other “children.”

From leading a team that does malware analysis in 2010 to managing a team in charge of writing malware reports in present time, Jeffrey has been handling people for many years. He struggled dealing with different personalities at first, but later on discovered approaches on how to lead them in the right direction. “As a leader, I need to make sure I deal with them the right way, and I lead by being an example”, Jeffrey said.

Gilbert Sison
Senior Threat Engineer
Loves singing, playing golf, and watching comedy TV

“Like solving a puzzle”, that’s how Gilbert described his 12-year career at Trend Micro. He worked as a threat research engineer in 2006, jumped to a manager position two years later, and currently a senior threat engineer. He was used to learning everything from scratch, but admittedly with unease and confusion in the beginning. “Whenever there’s something new, nangangapa talaga ako.” (Whenever there’s something new, I always struggle to learn the ropes.)

However, it only pushed Gilbert to be more determined and creative in his job responsibilities. A talented band vocalist, he likened the said challenge to rehearsing and mastering a new song for a gig. He saw the value in constant learning as a way to contribute significantly to the company that continues to trust him. In addition, he stays sharp in the process – an advantage in the ever-evolving world of IT.

Ivy Grail Laranang
Customer Service Manager
Loves snowboarding, baking, and tattoos

A fierce adventurer, Ivy constantly seeks the extraordinary. When she is not jet setting to strange lands, learning extreme sports or experimenting on a new confectionary masterpiece, she leads a team of extraordinary individuals that make up the Center of Excellence (COE) in Trendlabs PH.

Before joining COE, Ivy championed technical and professional development as a Team Leader in Consumer Escalations Support. Her strong background in people development continues to be her foundation as a Service Delivery Manager, as she encourages engineers to share best practices with each other and to keep learning.

Her determination to go beyond what is acceptable influences her team and colleagues to strive for customer service excellence.

Chadwick and Adelaide Santos
QA Engineer and Spam Investigator Engineer
Both love animals, and playing badminton

Chad is a quality assurance engineer. Laydee is a spam investigator engineer. They are siblings and are working for Trend Micro.

Both have relied on each other’s support since they were kids. They are so close that they even bought side-by-side houses a few years ago.

However, their relationship at work is different. Chad and Laydee treat each other like regular colleagues at the office. They believe they should learn how to cope on their own because the challenges and decisions involved at work will ultimately lead them to becoming wiser and independent individuals.

“We cannot rely on each other forever”, Laydee said. “But we still give each other needed info if there are work-related concerns”, Chad added.