Meet the Trenders

Whatever your background is, at Trend Micro, you matter. We go the extra mile to unlock your potential and help you go beyond the ordinary.

Stretched, not stressed. Maximized, not just utilized. Burning brightly, not burning out.

At Trend Micro, we believe in the power of doing and being good. Trenders are heroes in their own right. There is an abundance of them in the workplace, and they inspire and motivate tenured and newcomers alike. We share the stories of these extraordinary Trenders who have successfully overcome personal and professional struggles in their journey to become experts in the industry.

Tsutomu "Tom" Yonashiro
Technical Marketing Manager

"We communicate with engineers from the Philippines, Taiwan, China, and other countries, and with stakeholders from all over the world, particularly in Japan and the US. My key role is to see the value of each of their perspectives and come up with the best way to represent them," Tom says about his role in Trend Micro.

Tom makes sure that everyone involved in each project is happy with the result. But, being a mediator comes with certain challenges, as he describes: "We have to really face certain trade-offs. That's why communication can be tough, but important."

"Everything consists of layers. We can never understand one another by seeing only the surface. By listening carefully and respecting all possible perspectives, we could reach the deeper layers," Tom shares as his philosophy in dealing with the challenges.

At times, the exchange of ideas and perspectives may seem endless, but in Tom's experience the process helps create the best content. "That's why more than being just agile, I believe that sometimes it is more important to take time communicating and understanding each other's perspective, so that we can come up with a better product" Tom says.

"When we hit the perfect balance, I even feel our content becomes like a piece of art that can be appreciated by a diverse audience," adds Tom.

Tom can say that he feels lucky working with different people and teams at Trend Micro Philippines. "Experiencing diversity everyday gradually fosters better collaboration. In a diverse environment we always face the reality that what we see is only part of a bigger picture. This realization makes us humble and respectful of others' perspectives."

Rey Ann "Inggo" D. Legaspi
Team Lead

Friends and co-workers describe Inggo as cheerful and the life of the party. "I always try to keep things light and want everyone to have fun and be happy," says Inggo. At the same time, he makes sure to maintain a good balance between his lighthearted approach to life and his sense of responsibility, adding, "When I have to be, I can be serious too."

Inggo carried much of these same traits when he joined Trend Micro. "When I first started here, I was excited about the new environment," recalls Inggo. He started his Trend Micro journey working on automation rules as a Sustain Engineer before becoming a Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer, where he dealt with outbreaks and technical documents. He worked for several years as a QA Engineer, where he developed a comfortable working relationship with his teammates.

"The real turning point in my Trend Micro career was when I was given a chance to become the team lead," says Inggo. In this new role, he initially considered changing his approach to leading his team. "I considered changing how I was with my team. But they already knew me as this boisterous person, so it would be difficult to change that," Inggo says.

Inggo discovered that he didn’t need to change who he was to help the team do better. Instead, he let his personality influence the atmosphere he wanted for the team — light, fun, and open. "I used to plan bonding and teambuilding activities for the QA team and bring up any problems for discussion," he says.

Inggo admits that the activities were simple and didn't have immediate effects, but he still observed changes: "I felt that they were less stressed, and we finished our projects earlier." The changes also spread outward. "The QA team evolved. The members became more open to each other and shared their expertise. They adopted each other's skills so that more of them became better experts."

This openness affected how the team approached work and handled challenges. "They became more receptive to training and participated in several company activities for the first time. They were also easier to approach for help," says Inggo.

In his role as team lead, Inggo understood that relationships within Trend Micro would always be two-way — his team listens to his opinions, and he listens to theirs. "Ideas are welcome, especially when it's about improvement. Everyone's perspective is considered, and even contrary opinions are welcome."

Now, Inggo works as the Benchmarking Operations Team Lead. The challenges may be different, but he feels free to face them as himself. "I can make decisions for the team just as I can organize ISKF (Internet Safety for Kids and Families) community programs. I feel like I’ve already proven that I can handle challenges by being myself, and treat being who I am as an advantage."

Abigail Pichel
Content Marketing Lead

"I manage communications projects under Technical Marketing," says Abi about her work for Trend Micro. "A lot of it is really project management — dealing with stakeholders, managing timelines, working with a lot of the writers, creatives, and researchers — to ensure that a project moves along and comes into fruition."

She’s a Content Marketing Lead and her day-to-day schedule involves working with different experts around the world. As Abi recounts: "I do a lot of the coordination with stakeholders — those are usually the PRs, the Global Comms team, the Sales and Marketing teams. I also work with the different researchers, such as Core Tech Engineers based in the Philippines and the FTR (Forward-Looking Threat Research) team from different countries."

For Abi, getting everyone to work together and share their opinions is crucial to making a project successful and meaningful. "Everyone should be able to share their feedback or to contribute, so that takes really a lot of coordination."

"I think this is where the diversity and culture comes in — for some teams, I actively ask them [for feedback] because if not they might not offer it. It's really more of a cultural thing sometimes rather than a personality trait," says Abi.

Abi recalls a project, Trend Micro's Predictions for 2019, that displayed how important everyone's input was: "So it was supposed to reflect the insight of the different teams under Trend Micro Research, so it involves a lot of different teams from different countries. The challenge there is in creating one document that will reflect their ideas and make it seem harmonious."

"I felt like once we explained the purpose of that document, everyone was very generous with their time and their insights," recalls Abi. The success of the collaboration was evident in the way people reacted to the project: "The report was appreciated by different teams and by customers from different sectors."

Despite the challenges, Abi ultimately believes diversity and the freedom to share ideas is important. "Obviously you run into the potential problem of having so much of it becoming noise. But at the same time I think getting different points of view will also enrich a project," she attests.

In Abi's experience, being able to share different insights and ideas comes from an environment that lets people be who they are. "You're not worried about trying to fit in, so you're actually focused on your job and doing it right. If you're not worried about how you come across, you're more focused on what you actually have to say." expressed Abi.

As Abi herself experienced "I think that's what's great about Trend Micro. They don't try to force you to fit a mold. The company celebrates who you are."

Jullienne Yerro
Marketing Project Lead

Jullienne, or "Julls," has been working in the IT industry for 17 years. After finishing Communication Arts in college, she started as a technical writer for a computer magazine and her career followed the IT trajectory from there. Now, she's part of the Technical Marketing team as a Project Lead.

Given her degree, Julls could have easily switched jobs and moved to another industry. But she decided to continue nurturing her career in IT because of her deep interest in computers and technology. "IT is a dynamic field. I like that it is constantly changing and evolving," she shared. "Pursue IT if you're interested and passionate about it."

On IT and Embracing Motherhood

Julls finds IT as equally challenging and fulfilling. She says the same can be said about being a mom. "Working in IT means you always have to be alert to keep up with what's happening in the industry. Motherhood is the same – you always have to stay on your toes because kids are going a mile a minute all the time," she shared. "But even if it keeps me on my toes, motherhood is definitely magical. It's absolutely a gift being able to watch this little person grow, discover the world, and become a full-fledged human being."

Like most working parents, time is the biggest challenge as a working mom. Julls explained that there are times at work when things can get very hectic. For her, finding balance is key when dealing with her work life and mom duties. "There is a misconception that women can't balance working in tech and having a family. It's actually the exact opposite – we can do everything."

Nestle Angeles
Program Manager

Nestle is a graduate of Computer Engineering and is a Program Manager in Trend Micro. She's been with the company for 14 years now. What made her choose to stay and thrive in the industry? "The opportunities are endless. If you love technology and have the passion for learning, then you cannot go wrong with cybersecurity. It allows you to constantly try new things and work with talented individuals. All of these will push you to improve." she shared.

Balancing life as an IT mom

Working in the IT and cybersecurity industry is equally challenging and worthwhile, and it's the same with motherhood. Nestle is a mom of 2.

Nestle shares that multi-tasking and making sure different things run smoothly at the same time is a normal part of her life both at work and at home. "In juggling things, I make sure that whatever task I have in front of me, may it be at work or at home, I give my best," she shared.

Nestle believes that a woman can successfully manage work and nurture her family. "With a supportive and caring company along with God's help, you can have a good career and quality home life at the same time."

Nestle admits that she sometimes feels some sort of "mom guilt" for not being with her children 24/7. Even so, she makes it a priority to be there for important milestones and activities. "I make sure I attend plays, school events, recitals, soccer matches, and doctor visits," she shared. "I also get to attend work-related meetings remotely, especially when there's a family event I can't miss out on. That's something I am grateful for. I love how Trend Micro cultivates work-life balance."

Janelle Limpin
Threat Customer Service Engineer, Corporate Technical Support
Loves traveling and advocating for mental health awareness

“As the saying goes, nothing worth having ever comes easy. IT is both exciting and challenging. There will always be fresher ideas and innovations. I think keeping an open mind and having an insatiable thirst for knowledge can help one become successful in this field.”

Curious about electronics and IT, Janelle’s dream to build robots someday prompted her to take up Electronics and Communications Engineering in college. She finds a sense of accomplishment in helping people in the same field as her and sharing her knowledge in enhancing people’s security posture. “As more data gets processed through the internet, the growth potential of both IT and cybersecurity becomes limitless. The thought of being able to contribute to their success brings me joy. That thought gives me satisfaction in my current role in Trend Micro.”

Finding inspiration in her work and hoping to share her experiences, she recommends and invites more of the youth to join the cybersecurity and IT industries. “I am inspired by both women and men who are experts in their respective fields and would like to imbibe their qualities to become an effective leader in the cybersecurity field. Like them, I aspire to be able to lead individuals in the field of security and be able to share my knowledge with the coming generations of IT and cybersecurity practitioners.”

Jona Ranola
Loves spending time with the family and attending Philippine Web Designers Organization events

“I aspire to make human-centered designs that focus on actual human needs, make a good impact on their lives, and defend and protect users. The fast-paced IT environment constantly brings exciting new challenges, and that’s why it's fun and challenging to work in this industry.”

As a UX Designer, Jona’s core task is to understand how people use technology to deliver human-centered designs. But more than the aesthetic, she needs to maintain a balance between the different elements of a project — its benefit to the people, its contribution to the business goals of the company, and its technical requirements. “I get a lot of opportunities to learn project management and technical skills from experts, which makes my job really fun!”

She thinks initial impressions and stereotypes shouldn’t hinder anyone from exploring the field. “We have first impressions or misconceptions that if you’re a woman, you do something because it feels ‘appropriate’ or ‘normal.’ You are automatically assigned to a role that they think women should do. Ladies, if you want to pursue a career in IT, let’s make it a mission to use technology as a tool that helps and protects people.”

Sheryl Ramos
Senior Software Engineer
Loves arts and crafts, volunteering for the youth, and watching Korean TV series

“IT is not for the weak of heart, it’s for those who are up to the challenge.”

Sheryl finds IT fulfilling because it goes well with her personality, and compares her work to a playground full of playmates who share the same way of thinking. Even at a young age, she found numbers interesting especially with the way they can control desired results with coding. She has been in the IT industry for 19 years, and has experienced being treated differently as a woman in other companies surrounded by a team dominated by men, especially in brainstorming sessions. She used it as motivation to learn more and move up the industry ladder. “But when I joined Trend Micro, I never felt any discrimination at all. I was exposed to different cultures, languages, approaches and strategies; how to play around tools, leverage their functions, come up with useful applications that comply with policies and business needs, and then negotiate with different stakeholders.”

Being in a fast-paced industry, Sheryl loves developing new applications and tools for businesses, as well as communicating with stakeholders on these solution tools. “Ask, research, collaborate, apply and test. My curiosity will never end. Working in an engineering environment requires a strong personality. Just be confident but humble enough to ask questions, and slam misconceptions about women while you’re at it.”

Rea Roland
Threat Customer Service Engineer, Corporate Technical Support
Loves playing Pokémon Go and going to the gym

“At Trend Micro, they will give you tasks that allow you to prove you can do better.”

Rea's first IT-related stint only lasted three months; she was the only woman in the R&D team, and she didn't like that they only gave her easy tasks – sometimes involving tasks that were unrelated to what the team was responsible for. It didn't fit the goals she set for herself: To become a cybersecurity expert responsible for analyzing and managing risks involving different types of threats, and determining which ones could potentially have the most impact on business. “At Trend Micro, I love the challenges that require me to go above and beyond what I'm already doing. In this field, you need to be proactive. Every challenge I face here and in the field helps me gain experience and grow as an individual.”

Joy Avelino
Threat Research Engineer, Core Technology
Loves exploring the outdoors and advocating for mental health awareness

“Skills go beyond one's gender. I've been privileged to live in an era that gives equal opportunities to women and encourages women to thrive.”

Joy didn't have an idea what course to take for college; she chose Computer Science because her father was a programmer and because she thought it didn't involve a lot of math. But even after learning that it ranked third in having the most math subjects, she persisted because of the logic and sense of accomplishment she felt when she got the results, good or bad. “It's empowering. Those who work in the field are familiar with failure, but strive to carry on. We know that many failures precede one successful result. And by realizing this, I've become more resilient.”

She thinks creating solutions is the best part of being in IT. “To be able to work with these technologies and be part of the industry's evolution is humbling. By being aware of your strengths and capabilities, you come to realize that you can do so much more than what you thought you could do.”

Jonalice “Ona” Ignacio
Team Lead
Loves dancing, watching TV series, and playing RPG games

“Some people may think women are not skilled enough to handle IT-related jobs and are not decisive. But in my experience, if you have enough support and are passionate enough to make a difference, you can easily equip yourself with the knowledge needed to thrive in the fast-paced IT industry.”

Ona believes that the IT world's daily challenges and the space it gives for trying new things make it fun and helps her improve. She was a junior engineer when a senior position opened in her department. Despite the pressure of lacking experience when compared to the tenured members also interested in the post, she prepared for her application. Despite the odds stacked against her, she believed she had a chance if she did her part: She reviewed materials related to the position, studied concepts she was not familiar with, and highlighted her achievements as a junior engineer and detailed the processes they used to resolve customer concerns. Ona was promoted to a senior engineer position, and she swears she got more than what she bargained for. “Working in IT challenges me to improve every single day. I have to make sure that as technology evolves, I also grow and improve as an engineer.”

“I've always been curious about technology since I was young, and in the next five to ten years I expect more exciting advancements. Everything will be connected, people will become more reliant and trust it with everything they have, and cybersecurity will be even more important. I would like to be one of the pioneers of those advancements, and would like to make sure people are well-informed and protected.”

Susan Ping
Project Manager
Loves dogs, spending time with her family, and cooking

“Even after 13 years in the industry, not a single day is the same as the other.”

Susan feared meetings with the development teams when she started her role as a Project Manager. She thought discussions would go to the code-level technicalities, so she forced herself to study and do research since she was not a programmer. She later learned that all she had to do was ask; the team was more than happy to answer her questions, and they had a lot of questions for her, too! “The job needs a diverse skill set, and gender doesn't matter. It's about expertise, creativity, and the ability and willingness to learn. This field is such an even ground; no one's an expert at everything, and we have to move as a cohesive unit to deliver.” She says she found fulfillment in innovation, and being a Project Manager of a relentless team allowed her to pursue ideas until they materialized.

“The tech world is full of men and women eager to learn and share. It is fast-paced and constantly evolving. It is stimulating, diverse, borderless, and almost limitless. You can be anyone you want – a problem solver, an innovator, an artist, a teacher, a student, and sometimes, you get chances to save the day and be a hero. I say it's guaranteed.”

Henry Artuz
Field Services Engineer
Loves sports, music, and cars

Back in 2013, Henry was given a chance to work as a Field Services Engineer in Trend Micro's Dallas office. He found that it was a hard decision to make. Although it was a good opportunity for him, he still had to face being away from almost everybody he knew. "Basically, it meant trying to fit-in, starting a new life, and making new friends. It sounds easy to others, but it was a tough decision," describes Henry. When he decided to go, he learned that taking the leap was already half the journey.

Now, Henry is proud of what he is doing, and of the fellow Filipino Trenders he works with abroad. "We are the A-team here, because you're not going to be sent here if you're not fit for the job—you did not work hard enough or you did not dedicate yourself to being the best engineer you can be," describes Henry. So for all budding IT professionals who aspire to work abroad, he shares this: "Accept changes in your life, and have grit—which is a combination of hard work, determination, courage, and passion."

Renato "Jeibi" Joves
Customer Service Engineer
Loves playing music and biking

Jeibi is currently working as the Technical Lead for the Custom Defense Team in theTrend Micro Dallas office. He's been with the Texas team for 4 years now, and overall 18 years with the company. His journey in the company started when he was first hired as a Systems Engineer. Being part of the Gateway team, Jeibi was armed with knowledge on cybersecurity solutions. This expertise paved the way for other opportunities within Trend Micro, notably the position Jeibi is taking on now.

Abroad, Jeibi has felt the added challenge of representing his fellow Filipinos. "I feel I have a responsibility to carry out and show to locals here that we are the best. This adds pressure, but it feels good to see them appreciate our efforts…" he says.

Having started in the Philippines and now working abroad, Jeibi has this advice for budding IT professionals: "You don't need to go abroad to achieve success. Success is you. If you feel happy, that's success. If you feel proud of yourself, that's success. Earning respect from others is always better than any of the trophies, awards or medals you will get in your lifetime. If people respect you, for me, that's success."

Aldrin Ceriola
Customer Technology Specialist
Loves playing sports especially basketball and different martial arts

Aldrin joined Trend Micro as a Technical Support Engineer—his first job—in 2004, and has been with the company for fifteen years now. Over the years, he was able to explore different roles and opportunities. Now, he is a Customer Technology Specialist stationed at Trend Micro's office in Dallas, Texas.

For Aldrin, being part of on-site projects helped prepare him for the role he has now. "That became my stepping stone, as it exposed me to new challenges, especially with customers in other Trend Micro offices, like in Singapore, Malaysia, and Canada. Those experiences helped mold my career and develop my skillset," shared Aldrin.

Based on his experience, Aldrin can say that Filipino Trenders are adaptable, a trait that helps them overcome the challenges they face. "Even if you put a Pinoy Trender in a different country like here in the US, they will adapt. They will get used to the culture. They will get used to the process. They will learn the language. When things get hard, Trenders will overcome, and that's what makes Trenders unique." described Aldrin.

Marco Dela Vega
Threat Researcher
Loves spending his free time watching anime and biking

Marco has been with Trend Micro for almost 15 years now. Like most of his colleagues, he started his career with the company as an anti-virus engineer. His first few months were dedicated to his training, but he continued to gain his cybersecurity expertise dealing with evolving cyber threats.

His continued career with Trend Micro led him to Taiwan with an expert Threat Solutions Team. Working in Taiwan was a learning experience for Marco, as not only did it enhance his technical abilities, but it also taught him how to adjust to a different culture and language. He stayed there for three years before he was eventually transferred to his current role as a Threat Researcher in Trend Micro Texas.

His experience in Taiwan allowed him to adjust to his transfer to the US quicker, and having other Filipino Trenders abroad also helped. Working with fellow Filipinos, Marco can attest: "There are many talented Filipinos in the industry. Aside from talent, most Filipinos are passionate about their jobs, and enjoy what they do."

Rommel Muñoz
Sr. Field Service Engineer
Loves spending time with his kids, trying out new food, and going to new places with them

Rommel began his career in Trend as a Level 1 Engineer. He worked and studied hard to go up the ladder until he landed a role in the Consulting Service team, which gave him the opportunity to work in Trend Micro's Dallas office.

When he moved to work in another country, one of the greatest challenges Rommel had to overcome was his own fear. He feared the changes he had to face and doubted his own capabilities. "It (transferring) changes your surroundings—the people around you, the workplace, and the environment where you're going to start living," says Rommel.

The company was supportive throughout his stay in the US, offering help in finding Rommel a new home and even in relocating his family to be with him. Rommel has greatly adjusted, especially now that he is together with his family.

From his experiences, Rommel can say that the tech industry presents a dynamic work environment. His advice for people who are in IT is to learn to adapt to its many changes. In Rommel's words: "You need to learn to innovate yourself."

Patty Macapinlac
Customer Service Engineer
Loves spending her free time baking, and trying new recipes

Patty started working for Trend Micro as a Technical Support Engineer in the Philippines. She eventually became part of the pilot Customer Service Engineer team in the US.

Patty is proud to be part of the pilot team. Because she applied for the position, Patty can say that you should create opportunities and not just wait for them. For her, there was an extra benefit for having created her own opportunity. “When you create an opportunity for yourself, you get to connect with people because your network would expand. And when you know people, it makes it easier for you to do your job,” adds Patty. However, moving to the US meant Patty had to get used to being away from her family. Because she didn't have any relatives in the US, she felt like she was starting a life from scratch. The change was a challenge, but Patty learned much from the experience. “I needed to step out of my comfort zone. I needed to grow up and mature in so many ways so I could survive here. It was difficult, but certainly worth-it,” said Patty.

Patty is now in her 10th year at Trend Micro. For her, the company culture makes it possible for hardworking Trenders to thrive — regardless of where they're based. “Even if you move to other offices, the culture is still there. Even though we have different nationalities, we still share the same culture as a company,” said Patty.

Jay Yaneza
Cyber Threat Researcher, Trend Micro, Texas
Loves playing video games and dabbling in home automation

Jay Yaneza's time as a Trend Micro intern made him decide to join the company as a security professional. The choice became easier for him after seeing and experiencing the company's environment, culture, and people. “It's very hard to explain in words, but once you immerse yourself into it, you'd understand why people stay on for more than a decade in this company,” says Jay.

Now, Jay has been with the company for 16 years and counting. He started as part of the Consumer Support Team for TrendLabs, followed by many other roles. From being a single contributor to a manager, he felt that he not only learned a lot technically from each role, but each also helped him grow as a person.

“If you stay long enough, the entire Trend Micro Philippines experience will prepare you for any undertaking – regardless of where,” sums up Jay. Jay is currently based in the US, and has this to say to Filipinos working for Trend Micro and the tech industry, “We're still contributing to the Trend Micro legacy. We're a very strong player in this industry.”

Jane Jimenez-Co
Training Director for Global Technical Support
Loves spending quality time with her kids

Twenty years ago, when Jane first became part of Trend Micro's Technical Support team, she had a lot to adjust to. Coming in as a fresh graduate, she had to expand her knowledge, so she studied what she could on her own. For lessons she couldn't learn alone, she consulted others until she overcame those first few hurdles.

Now, Jane continues to love what she does. "It makes me proud to train and develop cyberguardians of the world," shares Jane. She believes that even as cyberthreats become more complex, cybersecurity will also evolve to protect people from these threats.

On being a mom and a cybersecurity expert

"Being a mom is a continuous learning process. As your child grows, you need to adapt and grow with them," said Jane. She also likens this experience to navigating the ever-changing field of IT. "It is constantly evolving and developing new technologies. Just like with being a parent, you need to be on your toes and keep abreast of the latest information in order to communicate effectively with your children."

Whether at work or at home, Jane firmly believes in instilling the right values. "The principle of doing good and establishing the right foundation is important for my children and trainees alike. It is very crucial in their growth and development."

For Jane, the IT industry is full of opportunities. And she gives these words of encouragement for people joining the tech world: "There are lots of successful people in the IT industry. As long as you love what you do, and are willing to learn new technologies, you will be successful."

Mary Ong
Director, Threat Research
Loves reading fiction novels, and looks forward to sharing her love of reading with her kids

When Mary first started working in cybersecurity, very few understood what she was doing. Mary had to explain what she did numerous times, even to her own parents. But she had faith in her role enough to stay for 15 years now.

Working in the IT and tech industry demands continuous improvement, and Mary loved facing the challenges and the proactive stance she and her team took against digital threats. She loved being able to help others, all within the confines of her office cubicle.

When Mary was a new manager, she doubted her own capabilities. But good mentors and the right support group helped her grow into her role and responsibilities. She learned that she needed constant reflection and learning to be a good manager.

Mary sees the opportunities she received as a reflection of the company's culture. “I've been to numerous Trend Micro offices, worked with different people, and it's the same everywhere and with anyone. What matters is how well you can work together and deliver what's needed.” Mary also shares, “If you want to be successful, make use of whatever strength you have to ensure you can be the best version of yourself.”

Judith Velarde
Team Lead, Global Customer Service
Loves animals, slow music, and chocolate

“Change is good and sometimes, change is necessary for you to achieve more,” said Judith.

For Judith, working individually was the only way to do her job well. When she became one of the leads of the 24x7 Global Customer Service Desk, she initially struggled. She found it hard to deal with different personalities.

Things became easier when she realized that everyone in her team was unique. She learned how to use different approaches to guide them. More so, she supports each of her team's members to help them reach their full potential.

“The key is to never stop learning. IT is a fast-paced industry, so consider each day as a learning opportunity. Remember to strengthen the skills that you already have,” shared Judith.

Judith spends most of her free time doing volunteer work for the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). This experience allowed her to develop nurturing skills and principles that helped her lead a team.

Rolando Pangilinan
Systems / Messaging and Active Directory (MAD) Engineer
Loves running, kickboxing, and dancing

Rolly entered Trend Micro with the goal of becoming a computer programmer, but ended up in a different position which he thought he was not good at. But as he became more immersed with his first job as a technical support engineer in 2001, he started to understand and appreciate his tasks and responsibilities. Part of it was due to the mentoring practices of his leads and managers. Rolly was empowered with the nurturing of his seniors who recognized his skills and potential to lead.

Currently, Rolly is one of the people who proudly and efficiently manage the global email system and data center operations of Trend Micro. Just like his seniors before, he also constantly shares his knowledge to his younger colleagues.

Aside from being a Trender, Rolly is also a marathon enthusiast for seven years now. He also facilitates training for amateur runners.

Joahnna Marie Hipolito
Team Lead, Technical Marketing
Loves weightlifting and animals

“There have been many situations where I was the only woman in the room, and it feels like there's a lot of mental hurdles to get over even before stepping in. With Trend it's easy to get past those because the value each person provides is what's given the most importance. I try not to think much about being the only woman in the room, but instead focus on why I'm there in the first place.”

JM has been with Trend Micro for since 2007, right after she graduated from college. While she initially aspired to become a journalist, she found herself writing codes instead of prose and found a career involving her two interests: writing and technology. From being an assistant technical writer, she has worked her way up and is now one of the leads in the technical marketing team. “I can't say if being a woman has been a factor in my career. It's never about gender but more about what you can do and how you can help your team improve.”

JM loves the IT field for the new things always going on and because the learning never stops. “It definitely helps me to continuously improve myself, keeps me aspiring to be a better version of myself. I see a stronger push for automation and greater need for human intervention in IT and cybersecurity. As we realize which parts of the security strategy can be automated, we're seeing where the importance of expert insights and human instincts come in.”

Vera Geroda
Information Service Engineer
Loves playing video games, emo rock music, and bonding with family

Vera joined the company in 2015 as an engineer for the Global Service Desk. She wanted to work instantly after graduation so she could help her parents raise her younger siblings.

But like any other newbie, she struggled to function at her job because she was clueless about the ins and outs of the industry. Later on, she realized that her obstacle came from not stretching her character – she was too introverted to seek out help from others.

She kept going anyway, because of the unfailing support and inspiration she gets from her family. Later on, she found a way to use the quietness of her personality to her advantage. When colleagues and mentors started to give her advice, she just listened and took everything constructively. She moved up ranks and is now an information service engineer who develops internal applications for Trend Micro.

Jamz Yaneza
Threat Research Manager, Trend Micro North America
Loves photography, sci-fi books, and cooking

Jamz Yaneza wanted to be a software developer, but he started his career as a reverse engineer—the exact opposite of what he wanted. Little did he know that this will pave way for greater career growth for him not just locally but globally.

Jamz is now a Threat Research Manager based in Trend Micro North America. “I've moved across our overseas offices at least three times as a result of my various job functions. I now call Texas home,” Jamz shared.

Being collaborative allows a Pinoy Trender to thrive anywhere. “Be open to opportunities that present themselves. Be willing to innovate who you are and what you do. Share your knowledge and experiences as it helps improve the herd,” Jamz said.

Manuel Gatbunton
Senior Threat Research Engineer, Trend Micro, Taiwan
Enjoys basketball, online games, and playing the guitar

Exact money for fare, a copy of his resume, and the hope of landing a job--that's all Manuel Gatbunton had when he went for his first interview with Trend Micro.

Manuel, or more fondly known as Gat was first accepted as a Threat Engineer in Trend Micro. “I hesitated to apply at first because I graduated with only average grades,” he admitted. But his willingness to learn plus his wit and fun personality allowed him to grow and expand his career. Currently, Gat is a Senior Threat Researcher based in Trend Micro, Taiwan.

Expanding his network and meeting people with similar interest as himself are the things that he loves most about working in a different country. In fact, he plays weekly basketball games with the Trend Micro Taiwan basketball team.

“I love playing basketball and I have fun with the game, so I often bring that attitude to everything I do in life. It's important to enjoy what you do,” Gat shared.

Vincent Daraliay
Program Manager
Loves rock and roll music and homeschooling his two kids

Bobbits originally wanted to be a journalist. However, after getting his degree, his curiosity about IT led him to Trend Micro. It was difficult at first because the work was alien to him. But he was determined. “I learned everything from scratch,” Bobbits said, “I'm still learning and discovering new and interesting things. That never stops at Trend.”

Fifteen years later, he is now a program manager leading a team of engineers in maintaining the organization's application control and file integrity monitoring services, which are additional layers of security essential in protecting customers from threats and malicious activities.

Portia Gantioque and Juven Edillor
Senior Operations Manager and Technical Manager
Both love shopping and spending time with their daughter

Portia joined Trend Micro in 2001. Juven joined six years later. They found love and got married in 2015. The two are now managers of their respective teams. Portia's group delivers security consulting services while Juven's maintains systems reliability for customer-related services.

“Our roles are completely different,” explains Juven, but says that working in the same company has only helped both their professional and personal lives. “She understands my challenges.”

“It's nice to have a different perspective on things na hindi ko pa na-e-encounter,”(It's nice to have a different perspective on things that I have yet to encounter) says Portia, noting how they cover each other's blind spots. “We give each other sound advice.”

Kevin Mark Bautista
Senior Systems Engineer
Loves cosplay, pop culture, and volunteer work

A self-confessed class clown and a reserve duty boy scout, Kevin tested his optimism and sense of responsibility in Trend Micro. Even though he wasn't confident in his abilities when he initially started out as a cloud support engineer, he didn't let that discourage him.

“May mga mahihirap talaga na case,” (There are cases that are really hard to deal with) he says, “But I look at things on the bright side. You need to be more considerate, and provide the best support to our customers.”

Now a senior enterprise systems engineer, his positivity has only grown. He takes pride in being able to contribute in making the world a safer place, even in his own little ways.

Jeffrey Bernardino
Threat and Technology Research Manager
Loves reading thrillers, travelling, and bonding with his son

Jeffrey considers being a role model to his son as one fulfilling job. Although making a three-year-old boy do the right things is hard, Jeffrey managed to adjust easily. That's because before being a father, he already dealt with his other “children.”

From leading a team that does malware analysis in 2010 to managing a team in charge of writing malware reports in present time, Jeffrey has been handling people for many years. He struggled dealing with different personalities at first, but later on discovered approaches on how to lead them in the right direction. “As a leader, I need to make sure I deal with them the right way, and I lead by being an example”, Jeffrey said.

Gilbert Sison
Senior Threat Engineer
Loves singing, playing golf, and watching comedy TV

“Like solving a puzzle”, that's how Gilbert described his 12-year career at Trend Micro. He worked as a threat research engineer in 2006, jumped to a manager position two years later, and currently a senior threat engineer. He was used to learning everything from scratch, but admittedly with unease and confusion in the beginning. “Whenever there's something new, nangangapa talaga ako.” (Whenever there's something new, I always struggle to learn the ropes.)

However, it only pushed Gilbert to be more determined and creative in his job responsibilities. A talented band vocalist, he likened the said challenge to rehearsing and mastering a new song for a gig. He saw the value in constant learning as a way to contribute significantly to the company that continues to trust him. In addition, he stays sharp in the process – an advantage in the ever-evolving world of IT.

Ivy Grail Laranang
Customer Service Manager
Loves snowboarding, baking, and tattoos

A fierce adventurer, Ivy constantly seeks the extraordinary. When she is not jet setting to strange lands, learning extreme sports or experimenting on a new confectionary masterpiece, she leads a team of extraordinary individuals that make up the Center of Excellence (COE) in Trendlabs PH.

Before joining COE, Ivy championed technical and professional development as a Team Leader in Consumer Escalations Support. Her strong background in people development continues to be her foundation as a Service Delivery Manager, as she encourages engineers to share best practices with each other and to keep learning.

Her determination to go beyond what is acceptable influences her team and colleagues to strive for customer service excellence.

Chadwick and Adelaide Santos
QA Engineer and Spam Investigator Engineer
Both love animals, and playing badminton

Chad is a quality assurance engineer. Laydee is a spam investigator engineer. They are siblings and are working for Trend Micro.

Both have relied on each other's support since they were kids. They are so close that they even bought side-by-side houses a few years ago.

However, their relationship at work is different. Chad and Laydee treat each other like regular colleagues at the office. They believe they should learn how to cope on their own because the challenges and decisions involved at work will ultimately lead them to becoming wiser and independent individuals.

“We cannot rely on each other forever”, Laydee said. “But we still give each other needed info if there are work-related concerns”, Chad added.