Global Citizens

Since 2008, Trend Micro has been helping make the world a better place through our Global Citizenship programs. Whether it’s building houses in the Philippines, providing monetary assistance during calamities, or teaching parents and kids to “Click Right!, we encourage our employees to share their time, expertise, and good will.

Global Citizenship Programs at a Glance

Home Building Program

Trenders from around the world volunteer to build homes for underprivileged Filipinos. We believe that helping our beneficiaries not only provides them with better living conditions, we are also restoring their dignity and belief in the idea that a society can work for everyone, including the less fortunate.

Since its inception in 2008, more than 500 Trenders from North America, Europe, and Asia have taken part in this program, building homes in 14 different communities and helping more than 1,600 families and 2,600 children.

Internet Safety for Kids and Families

Trend Micro recognizes that while using the internet is now an important life skill, it must be used safely and responsibly. The Internet Safety for Kids and Families (ISKF) program aims to help prevent and address online risks and teach good digital citizenship to the youth, their parents and guardians, and their teachers.

Since 2008, hundreds of Trend Micro ISKF volunteers worldwide have organized more than 14,000 events and reached out to more than 134,000 children.

Give and Match

Trend Micro supports organizations advocating for education, the digital gap, the environment, and the underprivileged.

The Give and Match program provides Trenders the opportunity to extend their generosity and philanthropic spirit beyond their local community and produce greater impact with their charitable contributions by collaborating with colleagues all around the world.