April 11, 2019

Beta Test Coordinator

  • Help Beta Project Managers refine existing beta testing processes to optimize tracking and prioritization of issues discovered during testing
  • Assist in setting up and managing resources for in-house beta testing activities.
  • Review, create and update product documentation by providing necessary input.
  • Test Trend Micro Product beta builds, and identify potential problems and risks to ensure that Trend Micro's products are fully-functional and of high quality once officially released.
  • Provide direct support to beta testers by way of accurate, detailed, thorough, and timely support practices
  • Review test script summaries, and send them to project stakeholders on a regular basis.
  • Monitor, measure, identify, and prioritize issues discovered during beta testing.
  • Communicate the program's status to testers periodically and as needed; ensure successful beta testing through effective communication.
  • Review feedback and bugs reported by testers and work directly with engineering team on reproducing and implementing bug fixes.
  • Work with the internal team to prioritize issues, as well as follow-up with Engineering for resolution of those issues.
  • Send complete case reports to project stakeholders on a daily basis
  • Coordinate and collaborate with different teams globally for beta and other special projects.
  • Attend the following product milestone meetings – Beta Entrance, Beta Exit, GM Endorsement - to report the project's status, and participate actively in prioritizing issues to be addressed or resolved before the project exits
  • Report directly to the Beta Operations Manager; and work with the Beta Project Manager, Engineering Team, Technical Support, Sales, and other internal and external beta testers.
Desired Experience and Skills
  • Knowledgeable in troubleshooting and debugging software applications and network setup
  • Understands the Software Development Process, Software Release Process and Product Development Life Cycle
  • Capable of interpreting Technical Documentation
  • Has knowledge and/or experience in Hardware/Appliance- and Unix- platforms, as well as networking setup, administration, and maintenance of said platforms
  • Has knowledge and/or experience in Virtualization & Mobile technologies
  • Possesses communication and presentation skills, as well as a willingness to develop project management skills
  • Is a quick learner, flexible, is able to work and make good decisions with very minimal supervision
  • Is a team player, and adapts well to change
  • Willing to work the night shift, and be on-call during weekends whenever necessary.
  • Possesses a Bachelor's/College Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Science & Technology, or an equivalent course.