June 24, 2021

Core Tech Engineer

  • Performs in-depth analysis on malware affecting customers, provides technical details and appropriate manual clean solution for the malware and answer customer inquiries within a given timeline.
  • Apply technical skills to analyze files and related components using tools and technologies. Perform in-depth analysis of malware, such as trojans, worms, file infectors and backdoors to understand the underlying behavior and implication on a computer and network environment.
  • Respond to customer queries and concerns within given timeline to address their malware related concerns.
Desired Experience and Skills
  • Knowledgeable in reverse-engineering/analysis tools such as Ollydebug, IdaPro, Wireshark and Softice
  • Experience in analyzing malware
  • Familiarity with the notable behaviors of malware families is a PLUS
  • Willing to work extra mile and has good research abilities
  • Fresh Graduates are welcome