February 28, 2022

Service Success Engineer

As the number of cyberattacks and digital threats continue to grow, our world needs more passionate and innovative individuals who seek to be trailblazers in and shapers of the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape.

At Trend Micro, we offer tremendous opportunities that will challenge and equip you to become engineered to do good in whatever path you take. By choosing to be an agent of change, you will be part of an impactful mission that aims to make the world safe for exchanging digital information.


  • Technical with hands on experience in Data Center Operations around Server Management, Network, Virtualization, OS and applications.

  • Project Management - can properly identify milestones and lay out achievable targets, involving stakeholders and the internal organization.

  • Excellent communicator, as specific point of contact for GIS Team, he/she is able to manage the needs and requirements of both global R&D teams and internal GIS teams.

  • Proactively engage to R&D partners to sync with their needs and present status from GIS side.

  • Can give technical recommendations to RD Partners with regards to implementation during planning/design, maintenance and sunset phase.

  • Can offer optimization solutions to existing GIS process and practices to better deliver services.

  • Align with Product/Service strategic plan and manage service roadmaps/lifecycle engagements/projects to support product and service strategic plan.


  • Familiarity with Data Center activities

  • At least 2 years handling services in Trend Micro

  • Translating customer requirements into technical architecture and design

  • Successfully managing complex projects that would impact the whole organization

  • Certification in Project Management Professional is preferred

Be Passionate.

Be Innovative.

Be a Trender.

Be #EngineeredToDoGood.